Buying AUPC

What AUPC brings:
1) Receive platform concurreny when platform is ready
2) Redeem online services from us
3) Trade on public exchanges (on July or August)

Token contract address (to add AUPC into your wallet) : 0x500df47e1df0ef06039218dcf0960253d89d6658
Price: 0.001 ETH. Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Caution: We do not accept coin purchases from citizens in Mainland China and USA.

Purchase Steps:
1) Register account on this page (optionally with referral)
2) Login to know your discount and get the payment address
3) Pay to the address with your ERC-20 wallet, distribution done right away

Marketing referral:
When you register account with a referral name, you will get discount based on the number of levels of referral.
1) Discount
If your referral is on the top, you will have 5% discount. Two levels referral will have 5% + 3% = 8% discount, three levels will have 10% discount. Any additional levels will have additional 1% discount. The maximum discount is 15%.
2) Marketing award
If the first three levels referrers are holding AUPC at the time of purchase, they will be awarded AUPC and ether as present. The first level will have 10% token and 5% ether of the purchased amount, the second level will have 6% token and 3% ether, and the third level will have 4% token and 2% ether.