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Authpaper Delivery

Problem We All Face

In the era of information technology, technology advancements have changed human lives by a lot. However, document delivery and huge data transfer, especially commercial and important ones, are still following years old methods, physical mailing. Physical mailing takes a lot of time and spends a lot of resources. Printed documents/ credentials are potentially subject to forgery. Every year, billions USD has lost directly due to document fraud. Current digital delivery solutions are mostly centralized, privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Solution We Provide

Authpaper Delivery combines blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to build a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform. All data delivered is confidential except the specified recipients. Data is verified to be unchanged down to every single bit. Operations on the data are properly done and recorded among the peers so that the delivery histories are public verifiable yet unforgeable. Peers are rewarded by delivering the encrypted pieces of digital data and helping to run the platform with good will.

Project Timeline and Updates

15 Aug
Pre Sales


15 Sept
First Crowdsale Starts


20-21 Sept

2018-09-20 to 21

15 Dec
First Crowdsale Ends


1 March
Next Crowdsale Starts


15 April
Authpaper Delivery Alpha Version Release


15 July
Authpaper Delivery Beta Release, with Support Documents for Developers


31 July
Next Crowdsale Ends


30 Nov
Full Solution Release


Authpaper Coin Selling (AUPC)

  • BaseEthereum (ERC-20)
    How to gainContribute to the project
    Join the token sale
    Buy from public exchanges
    Consensus AlgorithmPoW (ERC-20)
    Lockup PeriodOnly 8*N% of the AUPC bought during the ICO period can be transferred before 15-9-2019. N = # months after 15-9-2018
    PurposeSupport Development of Authpaper Platform
    Where to UseConvert to platform concurreny when platform is ready
    Redeem services by us and our partner companies
    Trade on public exchanges



Documents and data can be circulated inside this platform instead of printing out and wasting time to moving around people for confirmations.


With this platform, the time for mailing is saved because the documents are sent instantly over the Internet and it is confidential with public verifiable record on mailing and document source.

Document Certificate

With this platform, it allows company and authorities to issue unforgeable document certificates for different purposes.

Legal and Compliance

With this platform, document sender can send a data with full delivery record, including how the document is delivered, by when and who the data is picked. If the delivery is failed, a record of attempting delivery is recorded on blockchain as smart contract. Hence it fits in the legal and compliance need.

System Maintenance

With this platform, companies can send the snapshot confidentially online. All data has integrity checking and encrypted. The data is sent via BT protocol, data transfer can be readily continued after connection lost. On the download side, the data is transferred from multiple peers, increasing the data delivery rate.

Copyright Data Delivery

With this platform, video owners can create videos with random noise one by one first and send to the platform. Video owners only need to keep the original copy of the video, and the torrent file for each modified copy. The customer will download a protected video copy so that whenever there is a video leak, video owner can trace it back.


Whitepaper (Version 1, not reflecting new project schedule and sales)

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