Buying AUPC

Token contract address (to add AUPC into your wallet) : 0x500df47e1df0ef06039218dcf0960253d89d6658

Minimum Purchase: USD 50 equivalent of cryptocurrency.

Caution : We do not accept coin purchases from citizens in Mainland China and USA.
Please also make sure it is legal for you to purchase the token before purchasing.

There is a lockup period and price increases with sales. Please read the whitepaper for details.

How to buy? 1) Open a ERC-20 wallet and save the address (We prefer Trust Wallet)
2) Pay the investment using one of the following currency and save the transaction ID
3) Fill in the form, we will pay you within three days. Email us if you do not receive.

Bitcoin payment receive address:

ETH payment receive address:

BCH payment receive address: